Who we are

We are convinced that information technologies are now a powerful lever to managing health. So we have created Medicine4i, a health technology services company dedicated to developing a new patient-centered approach.

For more than 20 years, we have witnessed the deterioration of our healthcare system. This has resulted in inequalities to care, a weakening of the patient-provider relationship and abusive fees.


The latest 2019 survey we conducted in partnership with Harris Interactive on the main health concerns of the French confirms this observation. 


We want to improve your experience as a patient...

By giving everyone the opportunity to access valuable information and make more informed choices about your health.

By developing technologies that actively involve you in the healthcare system to build the medicine of tomorrow together.

...with the firm ambition of building a trusting long-term relationship!


Reliability is at the heart of our approach

We are committed to being a trusted third party by providing you with reliable and quality information and tools.

The protection of your data is our priority

We take all the measures  to guarantee the highest level of security for your personal data.

But what about GDPR? of course, we are compliant. It's the least we can do, isn't it ?

Our team is passionate about healthcare and eager to create the solutions of tomorrow

“Since I am convinced that the future of our health systems lies in ICT, I have founded Medicine4i.


I define the company's strategic orientation and work on institutional communication. I also contribute to the development of commercial strategy and prospecting.” 


Mathias Matallah

Chairman - CEO