Keep healthy!

Check your cardiovascular health and get your own personalized report

Take stock of your cardiovascular health in an autonomous way.


Diabetes, high blood pressure, cholesterol:

get recommendations adapted to your situation and a referal to your doctor when necessary.


Act for your heart health

Cardiosens is the first solution that enables you to assess your cardiovascular health, improve it on a daily basis and monitor it over time. Wherever you want, whenever you want.


We are convinced that information technologies can contribute to better health practices. With Cardiosens, we are working to create new ways to take charge of your health.

Track and monitor your cardiovascular risks


Have peace of mind, Cardiosens will remind you

Visualize your cardiovascular health at a glance 

Monitor your health through personalized indicators and notifications.

Retrieve data from connected devices

Import your data directly from your connected devices, click, validate and it's done!

Your next medical examinations and follow-up steps are planned according to priority. Reminders are sent to you so that you do not forget them.

With Cardiosens, your health data makes sense!