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MediEval4i, an independent and open access platform to rate physicians

Information and communication are key elements in the patient-physician relationship. Sharing patient experiences revitalizes our health system by improving quality and access to care.

Word of mouth recommendations have shifted to the Internet. We no longer ask our neighbours, families, or pharmacist if they know a good doctor. We increasingly rely on the recommendations and opinions published online.

The right doctor in a few clicks

MediEval4i allows you to seek and select doctors based on opinions published by the patient community.


Wherever you are, you will find the doctor who best meets your expectations in just a few clicks.


The right to know who's caring for you

To help you pinpoint the doctor who best meets your expectations, MediEval4i does not just produce a score!


In order to form your own opinion, you can rely on reviews published by other patients and the 5 criteria they assessed: Reception, Punctuality, Listening, Explanation and Time spent with you.

It's up to you now! 

Discover MediEval4i, join the community and share your own experience!

With MediEval4i, you finally know who is caring for you!